NOVA8 is a startup company with the mission of enabling in Brazil and Latin America “best of breed” technologies, from the more advanced innovation centers worldwide, such as Israel. With a focus on cyber security, NOVA8 also differentiates by a layer of professional services that accelerate the effective implementation and support of these solutions in all its phases.


Checkmarx is a leader in static analysis for security testing (SAST) of source code by automatically identifying security vulnerabilities in the code, showing where and how to fix them in the early stages of the Continuous Software Development LifeCycle (SDLC). Its native integrations allow a fast and effective transition to a Secure Continuous Software Development LifeCycle (sSDLC), bringing together the best practices of Web Security and Security in Mobile Applications. Come see how we solve the biggest challenges in the Application Development Security in a simple and accessible way.

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Static Code Security Analysis

No security software works sitting on the shelf. The best security software in the world isn’t going to protect you from attacks if it’s collecting dust on the shelf months after you bought it. An absolute prerequisite for any application security testing program to work is developers’ adoption.

Mobile Security

Mobile applications have become an integral part of daily personal and business activities. Users, both employees and customers, rely on mobile applications to store their data and manage their daily tasks. It’s the application vendor’s responsibility to keep the end user’s information safe and avoid data leakage. A mobile application breach can be devastating not only to the end user but to the entire organization as well.

Open Source Analysis

It is almost impossible today to develop commercial software products without relying substantially on open source libraries and components. Over the past few years, we’ve seen tremendous growth in the number of software capabilities offered in open source libraries, as well as the number of open source libraries embedded in each software product. However, while using open source components has many benefits, it also requires companies to manage and control the open source components they use, as well as the adoption process itself, to avoid a variety of legal, technical, and security risks.

Checkmarx Open Source Analysis (OSA) allows organizations to manage, control and prevent the security risks and legal implications introduced by open source components used as part of the development effort.


Secure SLDC

Whether it is performing static or dynamic application security testing, network vulnerability assessments or penetration testing, process development, or threat modeling, we have you covered. At Vaunted Group, we utilize a risk management approach to ensure a closed-loop lifecycle in dealing with identified vulnerabilities



Is your lack of product knowledge and expertise keeping you from fully harnessing its capabilities? Are you under the influence of shelf-ware? Let Vaunted Group help you bring your investment back to life so that you realize the ROI you were promised. We can help you fully utilize cyber security solutions and integrate them into your SDLC.



At NOVA8, we recognized that not everyone is, should be, or can be in the IT security business. Whether you have no internal security capabilities or need help because the effort is too large, NOVA8 can help. Our security consultants have over 20 years of hands-on experience with IT and Application Security.


Do you need a Trusted Advisor to provide unbiased advice on application security? Contact the Vaunted Group to get unbiased advice and the guidance you need to properly implement the right solution.

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Formjacking é o novo esquema de lucro dos criminosos cibernéticos

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Métricas melhoram nível de maturidade em segurança digital

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