Critical Application On-Boarding

During DevSecOps and Secure Development models building, critical applications go through an on-boarding process to ensure the highest possible vulnerability verification as well as the definition of the correct ongoing process. Application On-Boarding includes for instance threat modeling, workflow definition and integrations, detailed analysis and guidance of critical vulnerability fixes, search rule customization, and backlog generation of pre-existing vulnerabilities, among others.

Cyber Security Center of Excellence

  • Remote support for urgent and complex cases
  • High complexity vulnerability analysis
  • Support for specific languages and frameworks
  • 2nd level of false positive and non-exploitable marking
  • Solutions monitoring and operation
  • Customization of vulnerability search rules
  • Customization of new rules at query language
  • Planning and execution new version migration
  • Checkmarx Israel Lineup (3rd Support Level)
  • Priorização e orientação na correção de vulnerabilidades
  • False positives verification and validation
  • Customization of solutions for the customer environment

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