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How does Imperva WAF protect your applications?

Attack detection

It uses patented dynamic application profiles and correlated attack validation to accurately detect attacks and minimize false positives. These profiles learn all aspects of the WEB application, including acceptable user directories, URLs, parameters, and input, while correlated attack validation aggregates and analyzes individual violations in the stack. Combined, it detects attacks with exceptional accuracy, blocking only unwanted traffic.

Advanced reporting features

In order to easily understand security status and meet regulatory compliance - PCI, SOX, HIPAA and FISMA, being able to generate predefined or customizable reports.

SIEM Integration

Integrates with most leading Security Event and Data Management systems such as Splunk, ArcSight and others. Exports events as syslog messages, Common Event Format (CEF), and JSON format, being easily searchable for quick and intuitively indexed incident responses.

How Does Database Firewall Protect Your Database?

Corporate usability and scalability

Powerful, easy-to-use management tools, a multi-tier architecture, and extensive data logging techniques let you monitor more data sources with fewer resources. High-performance appliances manage heavy traffic loads with minimal impact on database, application, or network performance.
Automatic load balancing, clustering, automated software management, and health monitoring help ensure high availability and uninterrupted operation.

Supervision of all database activity

Gain enterprise-wide visibility into all database activities, including local privileged user access and service account activity by collecting consolidated records of all logins / logouts, updates, and more.

Immediate protection

Deploy quickly to stop database attack threats with pre-defined security policies and automated discovery to find sensitive data and hidden vulnerabilities. It looks for protocol and operating system level threats and attacks, as well as unauthorized SQL activities to alert quarantines and, if appropriate, it blocks data protection activities.

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