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Red Team Penetration Test

The Red Team scope is not limited to a specific system or IP address, covering the entire organization just as an outside attacker would. Breaking the perimeter is just the first stage of an exercise. Hunting the deficiency points inside your network while remaining undetectable is the true challenge.

Our test helps businesses evaluate their detection capabilities, security architecture, and security system configurations by providing detailed strategies for enhancement.

How do we do it?

Data collection

Every activity begins with an initial phase of threat recognition and analysis. At this preliminary stage we use a platform that automatically and efficiently collects the attack surface of the organization. After this analysis a list and map of possible targets and attack vectors are generated, as well as probable attack scenarios and the points of improvement within the system.

Breaking the perimeter

Based on the list and threat map previously generated, the tool will continue to seek control (on an operational system level) of a server or Internet-connected system in the client DMZ by detecting and exploiting application and infrastructure level vulnerabilities.

Persistence, Control and Gain

Once the starting position has been established, the team will demonstrate control of the system, server, or workstation in the datacenter, and will continue to install persistence mechanisms that enable continuous acquisition of resources on the network in the same way as a Advanced Persistent Threat (APT).

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